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Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I live for creating stories. Everything that I do starts with a story, and I believe in connecting human beings to one another. I am interested in human nature, and my belief or motivation as an artist is to explore the human condition. I was also a make-up artist for three years!

How did you get into doing art?
I never did art as a kid, and my background is in film, but I just started building more things over the years. I just had a meeting for the Women’s Tennis Association tournament that’s going to be held in October, and I’m commissioned to do an installation for them.

Some of the challenges and joys as a freelance artist?
The need to tell myself that I’m not lazy, because there are some days where I question why I’m at home when all my friends are working. It also takes a supportive group of friends to tell me that what I’m doing is unconventional, and not because I’m lazy. The greatest joy is the fact that I get to sleep in on certain days! And I get to choose who I want to work with as well, which is important because I believe in working for good people. A mentor once told me: follow good people and the good work will come.

My favourite project:
It’s a photo series that I shot in New York with Narelle from The Sam Willows, who’s my best friend. It was not for a client or anyone, but just for us. We were the least deserving of a graduation trip, but we booked our tickets five days before we flew, and came back so different.

Share a lifehack:
Listen to podcasts, because you can consume them on-the-go. Some people like the kind about modern love or criminal stories, but I listen to the ones on interviews of founders. It’s really good because you learn something new everyday.

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