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Yvonne details her love for travel with an avid recount. “My trip to Sri Lanka was marked by many “firsts” – it was the first road trip with my parents; the first time I realised that mangos grow on trees, not supermarket shelves; the first time I tasted curry and cried because it was too spicy; and the first time I saw a leopard capture its prey.” If she could do anything in the world, Yvonne says it would be to travel for the rest of her life. It comes as no surprise that Yvonne works in the travel industry, a landscape she describes as rapidly changing. “The rise of social media and mobile technology has completely transformed choice and discovery in travel,” she says, believing that the constant transformation is what makes her job wonderful. This melding of work and passion was no accident — while career slogans like “follow your heart” abound, Yvonne believes that chasing passion takes deliberate crafting. “Cultivating your passion requires you to hone your ability and skills, which may be a longer and more complicated journey, but it’s a path more likely to lead you somewhere worth going.” Her current motto is in keeping with a purposeful approach towards life — Yvonne says that while it’s easy to rush through life, she is trying to practise mindfulness by paying more attention to the present moment.

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