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When it comes to dressing for work, Jaryl’s key considerations are whether he looks presentable and feels comfortable in our tropical climate. “As an interior designer, I often have impromptu meetings with clients any day of the week, or visits to project sites.” We see that in his layered outfit of neutral white and blues today, minimal, smart, and highly versatile. Perhaps Jaryl’s profession has influenced his current refined aesthetics; he shares how his outfits weren’t always so minimal nor practical. “I used to mix lots of colours and patterns. Now I’ve toned that down, and pay more attention to the details on particular pieces.” Jaryl’s personal style isn’t the only aspect of his life touched by his job — the best piece of advice he’s has ever received, in fact, comes from the co-founder of the company he’s working in. “He said, ‘It’s all about the perspective.’ I’m trying to apply that to all the problems and issues I face.” When the going gets tough, Jaryl does just that by taking a step back and winding down over a drink or two with his friends. “We just forget about any current issues we’re facing, talk about the future, or contemplate ‘what ifs’.” With that in mind, one of Jaryl’s personal goals this year is to be mentally stronger, “for myself and the people around me,” he says. If he could speak to his 16-year-old self, Jaryl would offer a similar bit of advice. “Life is not easy, but there is always a path ready; aim far and aim well.” 

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