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You’re from Australia—what made you want to come to Singapore and do something here?
I was only meant to come for six months to help train a team in our Singapore office, but after those six months I didn’t want to leave. I enjoyed the weather and it was a great city to live in, and the opportunity to travel around Southeast Asia was just too good to pass up.

Where are some good places you’ve been so far?
I’m a big fan of Bali; I’ve probably been there 20 times over the past five years. I try to surf but I do a lot of yoga. Before I started doing yoga, I wasn’t working out very much—I couldn’t touch my toes and I was very  inflexible. As I was trying out a lot of different studios I found a passion for yoga, and now I do yoga maybe two or three times a week.

What’s your favourite sport or exercise?
At the moment it’s boxing, but it changes. I’m a general manager at Guavapass, and we opened a boxing studio called STILL Boxing. We’ve taken some aspects of some cool boxing studios in New York and Los Angeles and created our own concept which is unique to Singapore. It’s like the SoulCycle of boxing.

What do you like best about Singapore?
The multiculturalism. It’s not just the locals; the expat community is made up of people from everywhere. I love the food here; my favourite is the chicken rice from Boon Tong Kee, it’s usually where I end up after drinking.

Share a useless talent you have.
I can whistle really loudly with my fingers, but that’s probably really useful for getting attention, or for hailing a cab on the side of the road. Oh, I can curl my tongue.

Tell me something people don’t really know about you.
My age. I get mistaken for being a lot older than I really am. I’m 25, but I often get mistaken for 32.

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