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Calvin Klein

Would you say that how you dress is an extension of yourself?
That’s a difficult question. When you dress for work or dress for a date, is that who you are? Or who you wish to be? With people you’re comfortable with, you wear anything you like. Is it because that’s really who you are or because you don’t really bother with them anymore?

But I do feel that there’s power in how you look, so I feel that whatever you wear, that’s what you want to tell people. You can use your clothing to send a message to people—for example, I could want to look put together today, and look really atas like I have my life together. It lends extra power.

What do you think is the difference between how people perceive you and how you think of yourself?
Honestly, does anyone really understand who they are? I consider myself impatient sometimes, but I can also be nice. But that’s my perception of myself. But if you’re continuously introspective, shouldn’t there be a change in your own perception? I think the biggest difference is that my perception of myself changes while people’s perception of me doesn’t change. 

Is there something your friends have pointed out before and you’re like hey I didn’t think that about me?
I actively avoid such conversations. I think any answer to this would be narcissistic. (laughs) 

How do you want to be remembered?
On my tombstone, it would be written, “It’s okay to be different, just love everyone the same.”

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