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Tell us more about what you do for work.
I’m currently working in the ramen business, as an Executive Director of a Japanese ramen company. I’m on a business trip here in Singapore to promote our ramen, because we hope to open a store selling our products. We spent 10 days visiting Thailand, Malaysia, and now, Singapore, promoting our ramen.

I’ve only been working in this business for three and a half years. Before this, I was working in the seafood trading business.

Do you get to eat a lot of ramen then?
(laughs) Yes, yes, I love ramen. My favourite kind of ramen is Hokkaido miso.

Is this your first time in Singapore?
No, this is my fourth time. I came twice for a business, including this trip, and twice for holiday. I like Singapore very much, especially Marina Bay Sands, because there’s a casino and a lot of shops. The girls in Singapore are pretty too (laughs).

I also like Singaporean food, like chicken rice! I’m not good at cooking, so I always eat out.

Which part of Japan are you from?
I’m from Hokkaido. There’s a lot of seafood there, and it’s very cold—there’s always a lot of snow in Hokkaido, which is good for skiing and snowboarding. I always go skiing in Niseko during the winter, then in the summer, I like travelling to warmer countries like Thailand, because I like the heat.

Outside of work and travelling, what else do you like to do in your free time?
I like going to cafés and just sitting and reading books. I also like watching movies and shows on Netflix, and making coffee at home. I drink both tea and coffee, but I prefer coffee.

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