Tell us about your job in fashion tech. Was this something you’ve always wanted to pursue?
I’m the co-founder and CEO of a Web3 platform that empowers creators to establish Web3 communities by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, and gamification tools. There, I specialise in user-experience design and product development.

My career began in the gaming sector as I’ve always been a gamer and tech-enthusiast. I had little interest in fashion back then, but my co-founders recognised an opportunity in Singapore when e-commerce was flourishing, so we built a platform with a concept we coined “shoppable magazine” to showcase independent designers with a unique focus on editorials.

How has your personal style evolved since joining this industry?
I wouldn’t say that the fashion tech industry has directly influenced my style, but it has provided me with greater freedom in how I choose to dress. My fashion preference leans towards futuristic tech-wear and the cyberpunk style with minimalistic Japanese elements.

For me, I only fully embraced my style when I moved to Shanghai. It was there that I saw a significant shift in my personal style, even down to my hair. I cut my hair short and experimented with shades of ash and white, which is not common in Singapore.

What are some of your wardrobe staples?
Black and white colours form the backbone of my wardrobe as they’re always the safest choices. My go-to outfits would be either a black turtleneck top and black pants with a jacket, or a white t-shirt and jeans with a black blazer—timeless styles that can never go wrong.

After living in China for some time, was it tough getting used to life back in Singapore?
My transition back wasn’t tough as I was returning to my comfort zone. However, that also meant that I experienced a lack of inspiration and stimulation. In Shanghai, I would often explore the streets and sights of my favourite places like Fu Xing Lu and Chang Ping Lu, but in Singapore I’d spend most of my time at home.

Despite initially feeling out of place in Singapore, I’ve grown to accept it as my homeland and the place I feel the safest, especially in challenging times.

Share with us how you like to spend your free time.
I’m an introvert and I love being indoors (away from the sun), so my hobbies include gaming and watching anime at home. I’m also quite a spiritual person. I practise Vipassana meditation and have even attended a 10-day silent retreat in Myanmar once where I had no contact with the outside world.

The only outdoor activity that I truly enjoy is visiting historical sites. Back in China, I embarked on the Silk Road journey to explore historical paths and uncover their hidden stories. It was an experience I really cherish!

What are some of your goals for the next few years?
I’m hoping to complete some pilgrimage routes that I’ve earmarked and visit more spiritual sites.

Career-wise, I aim to encourage more women to venture into the technological space. I’m actively involved in communities with women leaders from the tech industry and advocating for gender equality in this field, so I hope to continue inspiring more women to recognise the significant role that technology has in our lives.

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