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If you could change or improve something about the society at large, what would it be?
When we feel disempowered, we resort to criticism, bullying and cancelling. Let’s work on the disempowerment.

How has your fashion taste evolved over the years?
As a kid all I wanted was the fussiest, most uncomfortable but eye-catching outfits (laughs). I would wear them for an hour and then want to undress immediately. I really love clothes that feel good on the skin, that allow for my real life movement and activities. I do love a white shirt—it will never stay clean but who cares—paired with a great pair of pants. A dress that loves my body, a surprising pair of shoes, and bare skin.

If you could change just one thing about your life, would it be?

What was your first brush with wellness?
My first brush was when I was a beauty editor a long time ago. While I knew certain things made me feel good, and while I had grown up with ancestral healing, I did not yet fully embrace the connection between my mind, body and spirit. My deeper learnings have occurred in the last three years through self-realisation that came about from suffering: my mother’s death and toxic relationships were key. This led me to embark on a soul search to understand who I was, and what my experiences and emotions were telling me about myself.

How have your wellness practices shaped you as a person?
My wellness journey has taken me to mental, physical, and spiritual therapies, and I am thankful every day. It was terrifying to begin; no change is a party nor is it overnight. You are retraining your brain and your impulses as well as observing your emotions. This is ‘self-work’. Once you raise your awareness, you raise your choice-making and your self respect. You see which action takes you where and how others’ behaviour can impact/trigger you and why.

It’s a process of both taking responsibility and speaking to yourself with compassion. Ultimately, you have to want to know the truth, you have to want to be invested in self-knowledge. And you have to want to make healthier life choices.

Share with us a simple wellness routine that you have incorporated into your life.
Doing a particular action each morning alone, and peacefully, allows me to empty my head of overnight thoughts and gain clarity.

I take a shower, light an incense stick, and sit quietly facing the sun. I say a prayer, talk to the universe, and then meditate for a short while. This brings in and up all kinds of emotions; sometimes it’s tears, other times equilibrium. The experience is whatever it needs to be.

Sometimes I fall off the wagon and get lazy about it, but I’ve realised this ritual is me giving myself a sacred moment in the day to connect to deep truth, so it’s a non-negotiable.

What would you consider to be the greatest achievement of your life so far? 
Being able to admit when I am wrong.

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