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Where are you from and what brings you to Singapore?
I’ve travelled down from Kuala Lumpur with some friends to catch The Strokes in concert. I’ve been a fan of their music since I was in secondary school and it’ll be my first time watching them live!

You mentioned that you’re self-employed. What sort of business do you do?
I run a curated vintage clothing store on the online platform Grailed, which is parented in the US, where consumers can buy and sell vintage clothing internationally.

Why did you decide to start a vintage clothing shop?
I was influenced by my brother when I was younger to start thrifting, and I’ve been interested in vintage clothes ever since. When I was retrenched during Covid-19, I decided to start curating vintage pieces.

It’s going well so far, but of course there are ups and downs depending on the season.

Any plans to open a physical store?
Not at the moment. I’m focusing my business solely online for now as it’s more cost-saving and convenient.

Where are your favourite spots for thrift shopping?
I usually buy wholesale in Johor Bahru, but I’ll keep the location a secret (laughs).

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