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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
Everything that scares me—bungee jumping, starting my own podcast, staging a production, wearing low-rise jeans. I’m generally quite a coward, so this list is pretty long.

Something about yourself that people might find strange:
My accent changes based on who I’m talking to. As a person, I’m a sum of very different yet equally important identities, and that usually comes out through my accents. The three main ones you’ll hear from me are my Indian accent, my Singaporean accent, and my wayang posh accent.

What was one lesson your favourite childhood TV show taught you?
English, actually. When I first started learning English, I would watch cartoon shows to get some practice. Some of the ones I’ve watched the most are Sabrina The Teenage Witch, X-Men and Danny Phantom.

What are three things on your personal to-do list?
Pick up a new language, tell more stories through whichever platform available, and continue my renovation efforts to make my house a little more like home.

What’s something you hope to accomplish in your personal life this year?
Every day I tell myself to be a slightly better person, at least for the sake for karma. Most days I don’t do too well, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

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