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What do you most enjoy about your job?
Finding the balance between bringing creativity to a project and still relating to the everyday people. At the end of the day, you still need to talk to people about the product you’re selling.

You’re also an illustrator on the side—share with us more about this.
I’ve been doing illustrations for about seven years now. Something I’ve been working on is collecting the stickers from all the temperature checks for my next project. People always throw them away after the day is done, so I’ve been asking around and collecting them.

Have you undergone an experience you feel that you can truly call life-changing?
We had the chance to display our work in Paris for an exhibition, and on the opening day, it started snowing. It was a really magical moment—it felt like everything came together at that point.

Where do you seek most of your inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from anywhere—it’s limitless. I think my art can come across fun and whimsical, but it’s also based off whatever’s happening around me. Sometimes I’ll pick up on a thread of an idea and I’ll start scribbling it down in my notebook. It might not get anywhere at that point in time but maybe in several months, when I decide to take a look, the potential could be different. It’s about not dismissing any ideas you have and giving them time to take shape.

Do you have a dream project you’d like to do?
A dream project would be the chance to do my own large-scale installation—maybe a mural that’s been completely designed and done up by me.

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