Share with us something you enjoy most about your work:
I’m a barista, and I really enjoy what I do. Customer service is probably my favourite part—it’s fun to meet new people and regulars, and they grow to become your friends. A lot of them buy us pins when they travel, which you can actually see on our aprons.

What do you think sets your coffee apart?
Our attention to detail sets us apart—we ensure that everyone follows the SOP when they’re making the coffee, and we calibrate the taste every three or four hours. I can drink up to 15 cups of coffee on the job, because it’s important for the baristas to taste what we’re serving to our customers.

If you were a type of coffee bean, what would you be?
I’d say Kenyan coffee? They’re very dynamic, with hints of berries, flowers, and a robust chocolate flavour so there’s always a surprise.

A genie offers to grant you three wishes—what are the wishes you make?
Adequate food and clean drinking water for everyone on Earth, end to all wars, and equality for everyone. 

If you gained an extra hour every day, what would you spend it doing?
I would spend that extra hour writing or sketching because I can’t seem to find time to do those things anymore.

What’s a superpower that you’d like to have?
Travelling with zero hassle: I would like to have the ability to teleport anywhere in the world just so that I wouldn’t need to pay for air travel.

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