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Allison opts for a classic, timeless style when it comes to dressing for work, although she prefers something more edgy and less serious when she’s not in the office. Either way, she believes in quality clothes, and so she does not typically shop at local blogshops. However, she makes an exception for one homegrown brand. “I really like Love Bonito because they have some classic pieces that fit me well.” Allison’s appreciation for well-made apparel stems from her aspiration to be a designer when she was younger, even though she did not pursue it. “I realised that it’s easier to buy clothes off the rack.” She adds that she admires the effort that people make to style themselves tastefully. “I love to see people dressed up for work and looking professional, yet not over the top. It’s my respite from a stressful day.” Work-wise, Allison finds fulfilment in meeting people and managing her client’s expectations at her job. “I like my current profession — it can be challenging, but each time a client acknowledges my work, it fills me with satisfaction.” She believes that anything can be done as long as one perseveres and adopts an open mind and a willingness to learn. “Every day might not be good, but there is good in every day.” When it comes to managing her time outside of work, Allison says that it all boils down to priorities. “You can always make time if your family and friends are important to you.” She also spends her personal time watching movies, and exercising to compensate for indulging in her favourite foods. “I’m currently into spinning, and am a big foodie and movie addict. They’re kind of my relaxants!”

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