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Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I love going for trial fitness classes. So far I’ve done more than 20 types of different classes, including pilates, different types of yoga, barre, spinning, and boot camps.

Worst decision ever:
All those times I’ve convinced myself that it’s okay to have that Filet-o-Fish meal at 11PM! (laughs)

Describe your most memorable trip.
Once, I had a seven-hour transit in Brunei while heading back to Melbourne for my final year of university. I met two others who were stuck at the airport—one of them was a British ballerina, the other an Australian film maker, and we spent the seven hours exploring Brunei together. We ate in a park, visited various mosques and spent a long time talking about our hobbies and passions. The spontaneity of the trip itself was very memorable, but what struck me the most was how passionate they were in pursuing their dreams. It made me think a lot about how much more I could be doing with my life.

What are some things you would recommend people to do, eat, and try in the area where you work?
I am very fortunate that lunch is provided by my company, but Nude Seafood is my go-to whenever I want to treat myself. The 24-hour truffle short rib bowl from Joe & Dough is great too!

What would you tell your younger self?
To live life deliberately, and trust the process because everything will work itself out.

If you could go back to any period in time, when would it be?
I had a really good time in Melbourne as a student, and I would relive that in a heartbeat.

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