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How did you come about doing what you’re doing?
I have no idea actually. I kind of started as an intern in the media industry. I guess from there, and knowing people, somehow I just jumped into opportunities.

What’s a dish that best describes you?
I like bananas, for some reason. I really like banana walnut cake, banana walnut muffins, and goreng pisang (banana fritters). (laughs) I guess you could call that a random fact.

A useless talent that I have:
Gift wrapping. It’s just folding pieces of paper together and making things pretty. I’m very organised for some reason. Also, all the bags that I have are very small, but I bring a lot of things. So even if I’m carrying a small bag, and let’s say you need an umbrella, I would have a tiny umbrella in that small bag. My friends call me either Doraemon or Dora.

Share with us a life hack.
I live by this rule in my life that, if something bothers your mind, kill it. But not in a literal way. For example, if you’re worrying about something, just stop thinking about it. Everyone has a choice. It’s a key to happiness.

If you could live in a TV series, what would it be and why?
I guess I would want to be one of the characters in Friends. I’m quite a rigid person, so I can see myself in Monica. And just being in a TV series like Friends, knowing that you actually have friends… (laughs) Not that I don’t have friends, I’m just saying that it’s nice to be around people.

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