The Account Director


The Account Director

If there’s something you must know about the Account Director, it’s the unpredictable nature of their working hours. From early mornings to weekend meetings, the Account Director is often engulfed in work at unexpected hours, and an ensemble we imagined for them is a versatile one that can easily last them from day to night. 

If the Account Director had a fashion-related super power, it’d be:
The ability to look professional and presentable, even under pressure. 


What’s something that makes the Account Director’s wardrobe stand out?
The attention to detail, even when it comes to what looks like a simple piece. A pencil skirt would be perfectly tailored; an A-line dress embellished with abstract prints to add zest to a dreary work day; a silk scarf nattily wrapped around a bag handle. Much like their jobs, it’s really the minor details that complete the big picture. 

What does sustainability mean for the Account Director?
Making informed choices before buying by reading up on where their clothes are from. 


The Account Director’s one guilty pleasure would be:
A new pair of shoes.

If the Account Director could share a piece of advice when it comes to clothes, what would it be?
There’s no need to separate your professional wardrobe from your off-work ensembles; find creative ways to blend both. 

How does your sustainability journey look like? We’ve put together these outfits based on the professionals we meet as part of Shentonista, and reimagined conversations with them, if clothes could talk. Every piece featured in this outfit has been sourced from the Shentonista team, as part of a special project that we’re launching very soon.


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