The Wellness Practitioner


The Wellness Practitioner

Perhaps solely responsible for making athleisure fashionable, the Wellness Practitioner has a specific wardrobe that straddles the line between sporty and chic. We assembled an outfit that we’re sure any Wellness Practitioner would be glad to be spotted in, and reimagined how a conversation with the clothes might go.

How did you get selected to be part of the Wellness Practitioner’s wardrobe?
For being both functional and fun.

An accessory that’s an essential part of the outfit is:Hairbands, scrunchies, bobby pins—anything to keep stray hairs out of the eyes while sprinting through mountain climbers.

Guilty fashion pleasure:
Wearing exercise tights as part of an everyday work outfit. It’s convenient and casually fashionable!

How does the Wellness Practitioner practice sustainability?
Making the best use of their outfits by making sure they’ve been well worn.

If you could change something about the Wellness Practitioner’s wardrobe, what would it be?

Introducing more naturally-sourced fabrics and materials into their everyday wear.

Sustainability looks different for all of us, and through this series, we’re hoping to start conversation on what sustainability means to you. These features are a part of an upcoming special project that’s launching very soon, so do keep an eye out for that.

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