The Urban Farmer

A fast-growing occupation in the concrete jungle of Singapore, the Urban Farmer can be immediately recognised from the blur of the crowd due to their distinct dressing style. We reimagine a conversation an ensemble we deemed perfect for the Urban Farmer.  

What’s something the Urban Farmer always takes into consideration when assembling an outfit?
Can this outfit take them from seeding new vegetables to making deliveries around town? No matter what the outfit combination is, the most important factor is practicality. 

Something about the Urban Farmer’s wardrobe that stands out:
Synthetic materials are rare in their closet, their preferred choice being natural fabrics like cotton and linen, which are sustainable and breathable. Some are also eco-conscious, with plenty of secondhand or ethically-sourced clothes in their collection.  

What does the Urban Farmer value more—fashion or comfort?
There’s no reason they can’t have both. Airy linen clothing is the perfect option for Urban Farmer: always in trend, comfortable and kind to the earth. 

What’s one style tip people can take from the Urban Farmer’s wardrobe?
The art of marrying fashion with sustainability. Even if you like dressing fashionably, there can be sustainable ways to do so. 

Something that might be missing from the Urban Farmer’s wardrobe is…
Vibrant colours! You might find more pastel and earthy tones—a true celebration of Mother Nature. 

Every piece featured in this outfit has been sourced from the Shentonista team, as part of a special project that we’re launching very soon. Keep an eye out for updates!

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