All In The Bag

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Jason, Barbara, Mark, Jonathan, Candice, Benjamin

There’s a kind of rugged appeal when it comes to well-worn leather bags. Something about the creases and marks they bear seem to indicate the many stories they hold and the places they’ve seen. These aren’t bags that are meant to be treated as precious goods—these hardy, durable bags are meant for roughing it out, whether in the trials of the corporate world or on a trip around the world. We particularly like these brown leather bags; in contrast to the austere sophistication of black, these earthy, warm tones remind us of travels and adventures from more easy-going times. Style-wise, these brown hues pair well with more neutral colours like navy, white, tan, beige, and black. We also like the varied forms they come in: roomy backpack, handy tote, or practical messenger. To ensure the longevity of your leather bag, it’s recommended to moisturise with a leather conditioner to keep it supple, and apply special leather cleaners to remove any undesirable stains or marks.

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