To Cap It Off

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Preet, Grace, Richard, Ishmael, Nicol, Wei Choong

What’s not to love about hats? They’re incredibly practical for the sun we receive all year round, and they’re also the perfect solution on days when your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. The trucker or baseball cap is an item that’s come back in trend of late—with the whole sportsluxe look crossing over into other boundaries—but there are many other options to choose from. A dramatic, oversized floppy hat gives you both maximum shade from the heat and plenty of attention; a newsboy cap, on the other hand, can’t be pulled off by everybody but adds an eclectic, bohemian touch to any ensemble. We also like how they can be used to compliment or add contrast to your look: a straw fedora and a pair of shades for an off-day outfit, or a plain cap that makes all the difference to a minimal, monochromatic get-up. We find that they’re also quite addictive, in a way—once you pick up your first hat, there’s no stopping at just one.

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