Blurred Lines

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Saru, Jo, Bei Ling, Jiang, Anush, Adrian

Gone are the days of categorising fashion into gendered boxes—the rise of unisex or ungendered fashion has given a platform for people to explore a whole different range of self-expression. We might expect that garments need to be groundbreaking or revolutionary in order to blur gender lines, but simple things like the cut or material of a garment can redefine a look.

As the world of fashion continues to explore and define what an ideal ungendered line of clothing would look like, there are some areas where you can start if you’d like to explore beyond the boundaries. A play on silhouettes can lend a sense of ambiguity—culottes that look like a skirt, or a dress worn as a tunic, for example. The colours of black, white, and grey are also neutral ground to begin experimenting from. That being said, unisex clothing shouldn’t just mean basics in shapeless forms and dull colours: in a world where femininity and masculinity have begun to blend into one another, there might come a day where clothes simply aren’t labelled as ‘his’ or ‘hers’. After all, clothes aren’t born male or female—we assign them their identities. 

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