Easy Up Top

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Ziqq, Ruth, Eugene, Pauline, Darran, Milady

The weather’s been all kinds of unpredictable these past few days; there’s just no telling when a scorching, humid day will turn into a heavy shower with chilly winds. These Shentonistas have mastered the art of  dressing for the weather by polishing up while dressing down—all it takes is a well-cut jacket thrown over the humble t-shirt to prepare you for different climates, even if it’s just from the heat of a lunchtime venture to the near-arctic chill of a meeting room. The make of your t-shirt is just as important—whether v-neck or crew, thick cotton or cashmere blend, you can get away with a tee in the workplace as long as it isn’t grubby and too well-worn. As a classic, versatile basic, the t-shirt will never lose its place in your wardrobe; all it takes is a little creativity to make it work for the office.

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