Plain To See

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Kaisah, Ken, David, Hanie, Adib, Corinne

The canvas or calico tote has become quite ubiquitous of late. You can easily buy a plain one to customise for yourself or a loved one; they’re commonly given out at events, to commemorate special occasions; or printed with the names of places we’ve visited or would love to visit someday. They can tell different stories, or say nothing at all. Unisex and fuss-free, the canvas tote is also easy to fold up and stash away, making it a great alternative to the plastic bags you don’t usually need after a bout of shopping. They’re usually also just the right size for documents and files; as a result, they’re slowly but steadily making their way into the workplace too. Their plain make also means they’ll go along with just about any outfit, but a fancy typeface or striking graphic will steal as much attention as a well-chosen accessory.

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