Flora & Fauna

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Lenne, Karina, Uli, Catherine, Kim, Erin

Go bold or go home, they say. There’s certainly nothing subtle about these looks, whether they’re full-on floral-on-floral; a show-stopping symmetrical print; or motifs of birds, palm trees, or roses. We like how these outfits reflect the vibrancy and hope of a year that’s still young, and at the least, put a spring in the step of their wearer or a smile on the face of passersby. And while a certain, now-classic movie might have plainly stated that florals for spring aren’t all that groundbreaking, there’s no denying the appeal of looking and feeling fresh. We understand that not everybody has the chops to pull off these looks with such aplomb, so a handy tip is to always simplify. Pair a printed skirt of pair of pants with tops in neutral colours like white, grey, and black, and go easy on the accessories.

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