Trumpet Sound

Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Melissa, Elane, Sasha, Xue Fen, Paulina & Jennie.

There’s no denying that the peplum is a look that’s here to stay. We’ve been seeing some interesting variations of late, however; in diaphanous layers, for example, or in a contrasting texture. The trumpet skirt is also a cousin to the peplum, bringing the flare from the waist to the knees for a classy, ladylike touch. Like the peplum, it accentuates the feminine curves of your body, but we like to play with contrast and pair these dainty details with sneakers or trainers. A crisp, white button-up shirt finishes off a boldly-coloured trumpet skirt, while a pair of culottes are a playful way of continuing the peplum top’s silhouette. Alternatively, a pencil skirt is a failsafe addition to really bring out that hourglass figure.

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