Girls Will Be Girls

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Sara, Savannah, Eunice, Lorraine, Wang Pei, Caryn

Gender roles have changed radically with societal progress in past decades, so it’s high time that our wardrobes get an update too. A good place to start is with the defining pieces, and the silhouettes they come in—blazers and pantsuits with soft shoulders in slim and relaxed cuts, which allow for a little more comfort as you go about your day. While neutral tones are a hallmark of minimal and androgynous fashion, it doesn’t need to be all dark and drab; patterns and lighter tones can be a way of adding a touch of playfulness back into your outfit. That said, true equality should liberate all of us, and while we hope for the day when the sight of a man in a skirt or with more than a touch of makeup no longer draws double takes and stares, we’ll take what comfort we can get in the meantime.

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