Keeping In Touch

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Dorothy, Elaine, Gosia, Siti, Putri, Jeremy

With the new year comes a relentless rush of new opportunities—meetings, plans, goals for the year ahead—but not all of us might be on board with shrugging off the languor of the festive season and charging full steam ahead. If, like many others, you’re begrudgingly returning to the daily crush and haven’t had enough lounging, we suggest bringing a small slice of homely comfort into the workplace. Even though we might communicate primarily via digital means, our clothes are a way of keeping us grounded and in touch with our senses, and a sense of peace just can’t be bought, so here are some examples of how you too can make your days feel better. Whether cocooning yourself in the blanket-like warmth of an oversized jacket or a knit sweater is indicative of a longing for the embrace of loved ones, or just mornings spent sleeping in, there’s no doubt we all could benefit from adding a touch of comfort into our daily office getups.

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