Painted Skin

Featuring (from left to right): Judy, Jason, Daphne, Hwee En, Danielle, Keisha

If you think of the body as a blank canvas, then tattoos are a form of indelible, permanent art. People get tattoos for different reasons, and we often find out the stories behind each tattoo when we interview people on the ground—a phrase to remind them of the struggles they’ve overcome; an intricate, ethnic design to remember a dream holiday; dates of birth to serve as a memorial of loved ones; a cartoon character as a result of a lost bet. Like the clothes that we wear or accessories we choose, these inked adornments reflect the personalities behind each person, and tell of more tales hidden within. While not every workplace might approve of tattoos—some client-facing industries still prefer a more professional appearance—we’ve been seeing a gradual change of mindsets and a relaxation of dress codes over the years, resulting in more and more of these colourful, storied pieces of art.

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