Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Lisah, Dee Dee, Emily, Yvonne, Ken, Hanae

A colour reminiscent of warm rays of sun, a fresh start to the day, and a cheery disposition, orange really is the new black this season. Whether striking or muted, the spectrum of bright to earthy tones offers a palette of options for anyone who wants to experiment. More conservative dressers can opt for a burnt orange shade that’s toned-down to provide contrast to an otherwise monochromatic outfit without being over the top; otherwise, be bold, and choose an adventurous mustard that immediately stands out from the crowd. Here’s a tip that’ll never go wrong—pair brighter tones with subtler hues like white, grey, or black, whereas an earthy orange could even go well with colours in the same family, like deep burgundy or military green.

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