Show Of Hands

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Nicholas, Jennifer, Jeanne, Elsen, Zoe, Marco

Accessories are the devil to an outfit’s details—they don’t seem like much, but they sure make a difference. Whether it’s an affordable purchase or an exquisite piece, we like how accessories can do so much more than just decorate: they can carry their own stories as well, and provide great conversation starters. A charm bracelet might have been the usual choice in the past, but we find there are many more tales behind a string of precious stones, given by a loved one; a raggedy, well-worn friendship bracelet; or a roughly-hewn ring, imperfect and unpolished. We also like the crossover of male and female accessories; nothing is a hard and fast rule anymore; take some inspiration from these Shentonistas and build your own collection.

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