Featuring (left to right, top to bottom): Julianne, Dorothy, Kanica, Uliana, Samantha, Melissa

Pearls might seem like a relic from your grandmother’s dresser, but they’ve been making a comeback of late.  There’s something timeless about pearls; perhaps it’s their alluring lustre or the fact that they’re a much more subtle, elegant choice as compared to sometimes-ostentatious gems or jewels. They’ve never actually been gone, not really, but we’ve been seeing a resurgence in this classic adornment, and sometimes in surprising ways. These Shentonistas change up a string of pearls with a knife-pleated leather skirt, or pair a pearl earring with other studs to take away some of that demureness. Otherwise, a pearl can easily replace a button on a top, dress, or jacket, or, strewn onto a pair of sandals, they peek out from under the hem of a dress like the treasures they are, waiting to be found.

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