Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Desy, Xin Yuan, Adibah, Dana, Eileen, and Camira

With graphic prints, you don’t need much else to stand out. A striking top or bottom is good to have  in your wardrobe for more adventurous days when you feel like making an impression, and also comes in handy when you’re a little lacking in sartorial inspiration. They’re easy to style too: with such a strong statement piece, all you need is plain, solid-coloured accompaniment. If you’re up for something more, take things a step further and experiment with mixing up different patterns, keeping in mind these simple rules: for starters, stop at two, with the second piece sharing a similar colour palette or pattern as the first. Make sure the rest of your accessories are simple, and top off with a generous dose of confidence. Have fun experimenting, and you might find yourself picking up some tricks of the trade in no time.

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