Wearing It Well

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Nejla, Angie, Kavitha, Arini, Angela, Joy

Sustainable fashion and ethical consumption have been on our radars for long enough now to be more than just a trend or fad, but many of us still aren’t sure as to how we can take the first step in reviving our wardrobes. A key tenet of sustainable fashion is to do good for others and the environment, and one way to do that is to buy less and buy better. While the thought of a sustainably-made t-shirt or a pair of pants that might cost thrice as much as one you’d find in a fast fashion outlet might be off-putting, consider that it will most likely last longer, and that a greater margin of the proceeds go towards the people who made it. Some brands employ craftsmen in rural communities and work with them to create their products, while others insist on organic or sustainably-sourced materials. Another way to reduce the net waste generated by your shopping habits is to turn to vintage and upcycled products, which are not only friendly towards the earth, but also more unique. However you choose to practice sustainable fashion, treat your wardrobe as an investment, only choosing to buy items you know you’ll come back to again and again.

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