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A Good Kind Of Old Fashioned

Something people might not know about me:
I’m Malaysian and I work here in Singapore, so I live alone. I’m a food person, I eat and drink a lot.

Favourite food:
For comfort foods, I’d say nasi lemak. The best one I’ve had was the one I tried recently from this place in Selegie. There’re two types of sambal, one sweet and one spicy. It’s pretty good. Otherwise, if I don’t know what to eat, I’ll go for Japanese food.

If you were a drink, what drink would it be?
An Old Fashioned. I’m an old fashioned person also, in terms of lifestyle! I work in publishing, and sometimes we try to dress up. But at the same time I still think I’m old fashioned because I feel that nasi lemak has to be presented a certain way…things like that. My life really revolves around food, as you can tell!

How did you start doing what you’re doing?
I really like photography, and I like two-way communication. Normally, when I speak to my friends, I look into their eyes and I try to interact with them, just like when I interview people. In publishing, we do a lot of interviews and it’s good to listen to other people’s stories. I gain things from their stories.

Any goals and hopes for the new year?
A healthier lifestyle, and I’m actually thinking of relocating to somewhere else. I’m planning to go to either Hong Kong or London. Hong Kong is still quite close to Asia but I like the lifestyle in London. I’m planning to do this this year but I’m still thinking about how to make the move.

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