Shentonista Highlights: July-September 2020

This past quarter, we found ourselves taking our tentative next steps while the path ahead remains uncertain, lending a helping hand to pull ourselves out of crises big and small, and piecing together habits old and new to move forward. After a long hiatus of five months, the Shentonista team ventured out into the CBD to reacquaint ourselves with the now-more-subdued rhythm of the city, and were greeted with both fresh and familiar faces who shared their own pandemic tales with us. In the midst of this, many of us sought solace in dressing ourselves—whether it’s dressing up or down, our clothes remain the common thread that carry us through the day. Our third edition of Shentonista Highlights collects some of the team’s favourite looks and trends of the post-Circuit Breaker season, in time for the last quarter of the year.

Favourite Look

Just when you think there aren’t more ways to make the monochrome look interesting, Gabby’s sleek and almost-futuristic ensemble bowled us over so much that his outfit is our favourite look of the quarter. With an all-black attire paired with statement accessories, this was a look that definitely turned a few heads in the CBD. Something else we loved about this fit: a mask that spoke for itself. With different variations of patterned masks available everywhere, it was the fact that Gabby’s mask was a seamless extension of his personality that impressed us.

Read more about Gabby here.

Favourite Quote

Read more from Anza here.

Favourite Detail

It’s been a season of monochrome looks—we guess when everything’s uncertain, there’s a certain routine and comfort to black—and Kai’s ensemble was a clean and cool take on the trend. His careful, creative layering of swathes of fabric aside, it was the fun pop of colour he added with the unique bag that cinched the whole look together. For Kai, it’s not about following the what’s in fashion, but pushing the envelope while staying true to his own sense of style.

Kai’s feature can be read here.

Most Memorable

Once in a while, we come across a Shentonista who captures our attention immediately, and makes us throw caution to the wind (and some minor traffic regulations) in our attempt to reach them. With Marcus, there was a je ne sais quoi quality about his look that had both the team and our audience wanting to find out more. An urban farmer by profession, his practical outfit is rooted in his ethos of life-cycle thinking, with the different pieces either thrifted or secondhand. To us, Marcus captured our own change in perspective during this time: a gearing towards sustainable living that remains fashionable and fun. Another fun fact we couldn’t capture in his feature? Nestled in his bag were some plants that he was on his way to deliver.

More from Marcus here.

Something We’ve Learnt

More from Marie here and here.

Trend We Noticed:

Cooped up indoors with just the four walls to look at, many of us began to pick up nature-related hobbies during the months when we stayed in. Our Shentonistas welcomed nature into their homes in their own ways—whether it was an expensive, rare variety, the instantly recognisable yet versatile monstera,  or a zero-maintenance artificial plant, a splash of green was the perfect colour to liven up many Shentonistas’ homes.



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