The Year In Quotes — Practical Advice, Inspiration, and Humour Part 3

As yet another year comes to an end, we’re looking back at all the different people that we’ve had the pleasure to meet. What we like best is that all these come from people we’ve met on the streets — every day people, not always high-ranking CEOs or industry veterans, but always with a unique perspective and their own points of view. No matter where you came from, we’d like to thank each of you for being so incredibly open in sharing about yourselves, and in turn, inspiring us and our readers. Here’s our round up of the year in words, the third in a seven-part series — quotes, stories, and quips from our Shentonistas this year that might not have made the final cut, but have definitely stuck with us throughout 2015.


“My friends call it ‘granny-style’, and it’s pretty difficult to disagree, fortunately or unfortunately.”
— Ashley

“I would describe my style as fun, easy to wear, with a touch of chic. Something like Michael Jordan meets Carrie Bradshaw.”

“1960s tomboy kitten.”

“Corporate man & party shirts — Tommy Bahamas mostly.”
— Scott

“I would like to say it’s what filmmaker John Waters described his personal look as: “disaster at the dry cleaners”! Anything deconstructed, frayed or unfinished gets my love. I have this shirt, by Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro, with burnt edges and holes in it. I really love it, but some people find it strange.”
— Sean

“Most groggy mornings, my fashion goal for the day is ‘whatever is clean, comfortable and unwrinkled’.”

“Alt-prep” and “comfy luxe” came up. The result of polling two Whatsapp chat groups.”

“Essential. I just try to look nice without going overboard or wearing redundant items.”

“A vomit of colour.”

“Tropical grandma.”

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