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One of the first things Monique reveals is that fitting in is the last thing she’d try to do, and with her platinum pixie cut and bold outfit choice, she was pretty hard to miss. “My personal style has definitely become more outspoken over the years,” says Monique. “If my outfit is a little plain that day, I’d make sure to style it with some ‘out-there’ shoes or sneakers.” It was the opposite today, though, with Monique choosing a pair of plain white sneakers to complement her striking maxi skirt that manages to be both floral and sporty, all at once. Monique says that staying true to oneself extends beyond dressing up, and that people should always believe in themselves and their unique strengths, especially when in the face of doubt. In fact, if Monique could speak to her younger self, she would offer similar advice: “Don’t try too hard to fit in. Just be yourself, and people will like you for that!” A graphic designer, Monique shares that if she could try her hand at something else, she would probably be a personal trainer, “or at least something sports-related”. “The idea of being active all day and motivating people makes me smile.” For someone who seems to be all about breaking away from the norm, the lady still treasures the little ordinary moments in life. “It may sound a bit clichéd, but I enjoy simply spending time with my little family, made up of my husband and 2-year-old; that’s how I relax.”

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