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We were wrapping up our Shentonista shoot at the end of the day when we bumped into Farah again — impeccably dressed and looking as fresh as she would in the morning. Farah feels blessed to be able to wear whatever she wants to work; if she felt like it, she could wear jeans on a Monday. The nature of Farah’s job allows her to get tasks done anywhere, anytime, but even though her time is flexible, she remains adamant about setting priorities as she believes that it is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance. “Some things can wait, while others require immediate care and attention — be it emails, tasks, family or friends.” When asked about her ideal work space, Farah says that her current one comes pretty close; a superb office where she is able to take a break to enjoy a cup of tea in a corner, or work in a separate area away from her desk to get inspiration. “It’s a collaborative, co-working environment where creative juices flow, and streams of interesting events follow suit!” As fortunate as she is with time, Farah is still unable to avoid the one thing that everyone in the CBD dreads the most — the lunch crowd. “I get reasonably priced, good food,” she says. “But no lunchtime rush? Does such a place even exist?” Looking back, Farah says that she regrets being rather inactive the past year. “I attempted to exercise. Unfortunately, I failed miserably.” Moving forward, Farah aspires to exercise more during her free time, setting it as a goal for 2016. “Being tired is such a bad excuse for not hitting the gym.”

Farah was previously seen here, here, and here.

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