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You’re a design and art history student. What are your thoughts on the arts scene in Singapore?
Oh my gosh (laughs), that’s a difficult question! I mean it’s quite exciting. Interestingly enough, I visited Singapore Art Week for the very first time this year, so I tried to hit as many things as possible in that week. From what I saw, it’s really cool. When I was at Gillman Barracks, I saw a monkey climb into The Forest Institute. It’s so serendipitous right? I think it’s very exciting to see how art and life come together.

Do you have any post-graduation plans?
I’m still thinking about it. I might work in the arts, but we’ll see. I personally find it very hard to interact with people, so I’m trying to get out of that zone, because in the arts scene, I think it’s a lot about who you know in the industry. And also, when you get to know more people, you gain inspiration as well because you learn from these people, so I’m trying very hard to get out of my comfort zone in that area.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt throughout your time in school?
I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is how to start over again. Sometimes I get really stuck in my work, but I’ve learnt to not to be so hard on myself and to give myself time to grow. I think that’s quite important.

I also feel like I’ve become more comfortable with not just following what other people are doing. I’m trying to understand what my own perspective is, like when it comes to clothes and projects for example. I’ll always stop and ask myself, what do I like for myself?

How would you describe your style?
Comfortable (laughs). I try to be as comfortable as possible. And easy. I don’t want to buy things that go out of style quickly. I really want everything to be able to stay in my wardrobe for a long time. Even for materials, it’s the same thing.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I’ve picked up knitting! I really try to busy my hands when I can. I also picked up reading fiction last year, and I’m very proud of myself for that. I’m currently reading Blue Nights by Joan Didion. It’s not fiction (laughs) but it’s making me cry so much. She writes about loss, and about grieving.

Last year, I read The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion as well. It was about losing her husband, and then this one I’m reading now is about losing her daughter. I was trying to understand grief, and I feel like she really pins it down for me, so I really recommend her writing. She just passed though, so RIP Joan Didion.

If you had to choose between e-books and physical books, which would you pick?
E-books. I use the library’s audiobooks actually—it’s really helpful to just hang out and listen to it in the background. I thought I wouldn’t be a fan of it, but I think it helps me because when you read, you need to be very focused, but listening to someone and the way they intonate helps me a lot.

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