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What superpower would you like to have and why?
The ability to go back in time and change mistakes and their consequences, while retaining the experiences and lessons learned from the mistakes.

Share a random bathroom thought.
Why do we sometimes shiver when we pee? I Googled and the answer is not that straightforward so here’s a link.

If someone were to offer you an unlimited supply of one thing, what would you ask for?

Name up to three people who have inspired what you do in life, and why.
Firstly, my mum. She was trained in graphic & interior design, but taught literature & art. She’s quite liberal, likes things that are “a little different”, and never stopped me or my siblings from doing what we wanted to pursue. I can’t really say who else inspired what I do in life because we seem to do so many things, but some people who inspired how I do it are the people I’ve learnt from at work—they’ve taught me to always keep trying and to try new things, and to have heart in whatever we do. And God, from whom I’ve drawn strength, and learnt how to be patient and treat others with (I hope) the same grace.

Naughtiest thing I’ve done:
When I was a kid I stole stuff from people: a scarf from a girl in my ballet class (which I got away with), and an eraser from someone in my tuition class (didn’t get away with that). The last thing I stole was a head of garlic from a supermarket in Paris a few years ago because it was our last night there and we didn’t want to buy a whole bag.

What’s the best and worst thing someone’s ever said to you on a Shentonista shoot?
The worst thing anyone has said is “no”. I do remember one time when a lady got a little offended when we asked her about work-life balance because she had kids, and she questioned if we would have asked that if she were a man instead. That got me thinking about the stereotypes that we sometimes unwittingly place upon people. Best things are always when people say “Oh I’ve heard of you guys” or “I love what you guys do!” It’s surprising but always heartening to hear. Also, I’ve taken some advice by Shentonistas from their work/life experiences to heart.

Lesley was previously seen here, here, and here.

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