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The end of the year is approaching—share with us some resolutions you’ve kept or broken.
It hasn’t exactly been an easy year for me, what with many life transitions still at play, but one of the resolutions I’m proud to have kept is being better at resting and taking care of myself—especially in the midst of hectic seasons.

What are some things you do to recharge yourself?
I intentionally make the time to spend with people I love, prioritising things that bring me joy (like long walks) instead of the obligations or tasks I have to do.

What’s your favourite spot in Singapore, apart from your own home?
The Middle Road/Bras Basah area. There’s a lot I enjoy about the neighbourhood; its mix of architectural styles; the many projects and exhibitions that are always ongoing; the wonderful coffee places around—and yet it remains kind of understated.

Do you have any unusual hobbies many people aren’t aware about?
As my outfit may have let on, I really like quirky earrings and have a whole collection of them from various places—local designers, vintage finds, second-hand ones off Carousell or Taobao and gifts from friends. I also really love cooking for my loved ones.

Is there a current fashion trend that you’re not particularly fond of?
I’m quite ready to say bye to the bike shorts trend.

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