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I’ve only been in Singapore for about two months.
I’ve been travelling quite a bit during this time though, so I haven’t had the time to truly explore the city. I came here because of a career change, and I’m enjoying everything about it, including the heat.

How many countries have you been to so far?
I’m French, I’ve been to Brazil for an exchange, I was in Vietnam for about six weeks to do some volunteering, and I recently visited Indonesia for a quick trip. Quite a few, I’d say (laughs).

You grew up in France—what’s one thing you find yourself being homesick about?
It’s always the food. Right now, I’m craving for cheese and a traditional French baguette.

What’s one thing—big or small—you’d like to change about your life at the moment?
I wish time would slow down, so I can really enjoy every moment.

If you could find out the truth to one big mystery, what would it be?
I’d choose two
I wish to know if there are other life forms in the universe, and if there are other dimensions existing alongside ours.

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