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Tell us where you’re from. What brings you to Singapore?
I’m from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, and I’ve come for a day trip with my brother, Adam, to watch a concert by The Strokes.

It’s actually only my second time here. I visited for the first time in June with my sister who wanted to buy merchandise from Suga, one of the Kpop idols from BTS, during his solo tour. I’m not a fan myself, but we drove down all the way from KL to Johor then took a bus into Singapore just for that—such dedication!

What are some other concerts you’ve attended recently?
Adam and I went for Muse’s concert last week back in KL and it was really good! Despite getting nosebleed seats, I still enjoyed the show very much. We also caught Last Dinosaurs at the City Roars! Festival a few months back, which was great too.

I don’t attend concerts as much as I’d like since not many acts come to Malaysia, and it’s quite pricey to travel to Singapore all the time for the good ones.

Are there any concerts you’re looking forward to after The Strokes?
I’ll be back for the Taylor Swift concert next year, of course! I didn’t manage to get tickets, even with three laptops and a queue number of 900, but hopefully I’ll get lucky with last-minute tickets. Otherwise, there’s always category 11 seats outside the stadium, right? (laughs)

My dream concert would be —
The Libertines! They’re a British rock band that have always been compared with The Strokes, but I doubt they’ll be coming to Asia anytime soon.

How do you spend your time back at home?
I really enjoy hanging out with Adam. Even though we’re three years apart in age, we’re just like twins! We like to do many things together like cafe hopping and shopping, and spend time with our five other siblings too.

Is there anything you’re hoping to pick up this year?
I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but I’ve tried and I suck at it (laughs). But since I’m in between jobs now, maybe I’ll give it a go again.

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