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You’re the co-founder and head designer of Syne Studio. Share with us more about the brand and how you started this business.
We restore vintage kimonos that we bring in from Japan and make products from repurposed fabrics and goods.

My business partner and I were once in the fast fashion industry and witnessed a lot of waste, especially during off-seasons. As such, we decided to start our own brand four years ago, with the main purpose of promoting slow fashion through upcycling.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to make things, including furniture and food. My favourite pastime used to be sewing, but since I’ve turned my hobby into a career, I guess I have to find other hobbies now (laughs).

What’s your most recent creation?
An upholstered sofa. It was quite challenging having to change out and staple on the fabric, but it’s a good alternative to buying new furniture.

What would you be doing on a perfect day, free from any obligations?
Travel the world.

One country on my bucket list would be—
—Morocco. I used to study landscape and architecture, and even wanted to be an architect at one point. Even though the universe had other plans for me, I still enjoy looking at different houses and architecture, which I think are beautiful in Morocco.

In all your travels, what country has left the biggest mark on you?
Italy! Every state has its own magical touch, and even though they form the country as a whole, their different cultures are what make Italy what she is. I visited Florence and Venice back in 2019, and would love to go back again.

What’s next for you as a designer?
I’m always trying to improve my sewing skills or whatever it is that will help me in my business. Currently, I’m in the process of learning how to construct a wedding dress. I’m self-taught, so I get resources from books and YouTube.

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