Game Changer

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Einitar, Eugene, Jacob, Ruth, Emily, Yuki

Gone are the days of boring, ill-fitting business suits—colourful, casual jackets and suits have become more commonplace, and, like the name suggests, don’t come with the same stiff, dressy connotations. They tend to be made in more lightweight materials such as cotton or linen, and have even been making their way out of the office into everyday-wear. Less structured, they come with less rules as well—a blazing-red jacket worn with a pair of loose black culottes; a mint number with slim-fit pants, cuffed at the ankles; a sophisticated light grey blazer worn with cropped trousers. Although they’re more casual, they still do their job of tying a whole look together, and are a life-saver for days when you have to look presentable but don’t want to go all the way. Take things even further: there’s nothing to stop you from wearing a matching jacket and pants with a nice pair of sneakers. As with many things, though, the key is in the fit, so if you’re thinking of dusting off some old jackets, invest in a trip to the tailor where necessary.

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