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Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Marielle, Lindsay, Caran, Annabel, Anna, Jane.

Few things put us in a relaxed mood more than a pair of airy, printed pants or a skirt. There’s just something about their colourful, attention-grabbing details that get us yearning for a getaway, or gives our spirits a little lift even if we’re confined to the concrete jungle. Usually made of a light cotton or silk, these printed bottoms are great for a humid, muggy day, and, depending how you wear them, can go from workday to weekend with ease. Pants in a more structured cut, paired with perhaps a long vest and heeled sandals, would make for an acceptable office look. Otherwise, a fitted tee or high-necked tank top and sneakers would keep things easy for a casual day out. One note: unless you’re going for a bold head-to-toe patterned look, a plain-coloured top is best for making sure that your prints stand out where you want them to.

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