In Short Order

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Fiona, Mallaury, Mayra, Wen Xuan, Annabel, Camelia

Given our tropical climate, it only makes perfect sense that crop tops should be acceptable daily wear in this perennial heat. Whether you have the freedom to wear crop tops in the office, or have to confine them to casual occasions and weekends, moderation is key—if you’re baring your arms and/or midriff, make them the sole point of focus by balancing the look with a pair of long pants or jeans, or a flowy maxi skirt. Long-sleeved crop tops may seem antithetical to the idea of crop tops as a whole, but they can add some subtlety to this typically flirty look, while providing you a way to experiment with proportion. If you’re  thinking of trying it out but aren’t sure about committing to the look, a longer or looser-fitting top can be the bridge—fold in the hem or tie the ends up, and you’ll be putting a DIY twist (and knot) on this summer staple.

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