Into The Fold

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Liyana, Gabriel, Hafi, Reina, Jack, Wilber

The end of the year is nearing, and as the cooler months approach, the opportunity to layer up also comes around, a luxury we rarely get to indulge in outside of the office. For those who feel too stifled by bomber jackets and hoodies, these kimono-style pieces we’ve been seeing more of recently offer a practical alternative to bulkier jackets that some might find a hassle to pack and carry about. Their relaxed fit and deconstructed form means that they often come in lightweight materials like linen, though versions in denim, silk, and jersey are not uncommon either. The slight drape and volume can be contrasted against bottoms in slimmer cuts to give emphasis to both, while pieces in bright colours and bold prints are best paired with simple or monochrome basics for just the right amount of detail. Among the iterations we’ve encountered, we’ve also noticed a recurrence of patterns and prints of traditional or ethnic origins—just another way of keeping them alive by incorporating them into a modern look.

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