Pop Palette

Featuring (from left to right, top to bottom): Loic, Ren, Sharan, Soko, Carlijn, TY

Having the same neutral colours in your office wear makes for fuss-free mornings, but if you’re getting bored of routine, add a dash of excitement to your work wardrobe with some colour. Start out subtle with accessories in a contrasting hue against neutral or darker colours. Creating an intense pop of colour like this works best with small items like necklaces, bracelets, or a belt. With larger pieces, one way is to identify the main colours in your outfit and complement them with brighter shades—try matching a pastel pink top with shoes in a neon hue, or highlighting the hints of blue in a pair of pants with an electric blue bag. For those who are more experimental, it’s possible to go all out with bold shades like fire-engine red or canary yellow. Just like the range of colours available to us, there are (almost) no limits, but a helpful tip to keep in mind is to consider keeping the number of focal points to not more than two—the overall effect should be eye-catching, but not overwhelming. Besides matching your clothes with your accessories, considering your skin tone is also important—bright hues bring out the best of a tanned complexion, while subtle and muted tones complement those with fair skin.

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