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Lace and gauze aren’t just good for curtains, your grandmother’s tablecloth and the fringes of nightgowns—add some layers and variety to your outfits without having to choose between looking frumpy or risqué with these translucent, sheer or plain see-through items. If you’re just starting to experiment with the look with a sheer or translucent top, and are worried that it might be too revealing for the office or even day-to-day wear, an option is to layer it under another piece, perhaps a tank top or halter top. Sheer pieces can also work as a top layer—try a gauzy printed skirt over a slip, or a mesh top over a bralet. Lace, crochet, and mesh can also come together in a cutout effect that adds detail as well as a 3-dimensional aspect. Give it a try, and you’ll see how less is more with these light and airy pieces that let you cover up without heating up.

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